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IT is a vast sector of the workforce which has a wide salary range due to the different training available and diverse job opportunities. Generally, if you have a strong qualification (not one of those 6-week crash courses now available online!) and land a decent job your remuneration will be competitive, in the realm of $100,000 or more for an information systems management position.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that Software Publishes do the best amongst their colleagues, earning an average $126,000 per annum. That’s higher than many medical professionals!

Computer system designers do slightly less well, although at an average slightly over $118,000 I doubt they’re complaining. Other high earners in the field are those in management of companies/enterprises at $115,000, the cheerful-sounding depository creditor intermediaries at $113,000, followed up by insurance carriers at $109,000.

Another less obvious option in this field is self employment. If you are good at programming or building websites, why not set up a service of your own online? This gives workers the opportunity to build a reputation for themselves and charge according to demand for their services. Many IT professionals are making an excellent living doing just that, and of course working mostly online has the added benefit of being able to do it anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Yes, despite the workforce being swamped with undereducated hopefuls with cheap 1-6 month qualifications, there is still a place for highly skilled individuals in the I.T. industry and they can make an excellent salary.