Find Stable Work As An Ultrasound Tech

The role of an ultrasound technician doesn’t sound as glamorous as that of a doctor or brain surgeon, but many medically-minded job seekers are still keen to work towards a job in this field of healthcare. Here’s why:

1. The ultrasound technician salary is extremely competitive. The average wage in 2008 was over $61,000, with the potential to go much higher depending on geographic location and employer type. This gives students who may not have the grades for medicine a chance to get into healthcare and still earn a decent wage.

2. Qualification is required, but it’s far less demanding than that of a doctor or nurse, let alone surgeon. A three-year bachelor degree should be enough to get you into a job.

3. It’s a growing field with plenty of job opportunities and stability. In this troubled economy, non-essential service providers such as plastic surgeons may find their work drying up. The good news for ultrasound techs is that their service is now being used more than ever before, as an attractive safer option to x-ray procedures. This means excellent job security going forward.